Monday 30 March 2015


DREAM LIKE A BABY - a video by TETINE (Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado), 2015

DREAM LIKE A BABY is a philosophical-experimental-ecological sci-fi  DIY video on the survivors of a dystopian fourth world dominated by bugs and other pests. A recurring theme in Tetine’s work, the film is set in a near-future amid a post-global new order which is assimilated as a continuos perpetual present. In the fourth world, Bruno & Eliete celebrate their personas in the form of ‘errant insects' & create a post-Derridean spoken word on cockroaches, future ecologies and other existential and political contaminations.

 DREAM LIKE A BABY is part of a larger project that Tetine are currently developing: The Fourth Word Is Now / An Animal With The Demand to Make Choices. 

Text and music: Bruno Verner / Eliete Mejorado
Production and direction: Tetine, 2015
Track originally released on the album "In Loveland With You" (Slum Dunk Music 2013).

File under: tetine, sci-fi, DIY-film, dance, dystopia, utopia, insects, food, future ecologies, music, electronica, dark electro-rap, subcultures, cockroaches, bees, bugs.

DREAM LIKE A BABY (B Verner & E. Mejorado - 2012)

Dream like a baby
You don’t seem to notice but
I’m right behind you
And I can hear your voice
This is a city of opportunities
By all means it’s an occasion
It calls for champagne 

Out of this she had her last drink
We should preserve it for posterity
It’s a music piece now
So reverse
You’ve got 7 lives
You came for free trade
I’m for free love

Only you busy shopper
An animal with the demand to make choices
You’re here for commerce
The fourth world is now
The fourth world is here
So lets make the most of it
Did your dad never give you discipline?
Your car, your house, your job, your children, your life

Soon you’ll be killed by the guys in grey suits
They will shoot you down for this
And the shooter says:
It’s military, compulsory, disciplinary 
And if you’re not here I’ll hunt you
And then I’ll shoot your son down like a duck

Dreaming like a baby we go
Dreaming of a thousand lovers
My hands are shaking
We are about to land
We are coming to a land near you
Haven’t I seen you before?
It’s hard to concentrate
So turn the lights out 
Cos I have the tapes for your consideration
For your consideration

And once discipline begins to sink to the depths of the social
Then the social plague begins
I take my shoes off
Let irradiation takes over
The 4th world is left with whatever is left over
So what? who cares?
Your car, your boobs, your nose, your children 
Everything is visible
Nothing is disguised
We’re about to land
Only 5 minutes and we’ll touch the ground
The fourth world is left with whatever is left over
The fourth world is now
An animal with the demand to make choices
Nothing is changed
You’re here for commerce
I’m here for free love
You followed me, now I’m following you
I’m right behind you
Your car, your house, your job, your children, your boobs, your life
You bought it
And the shooter says:
Those who are wearing shoes won’t remain
Take your clothes off

We are taking a boat to the end

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Thursday 19 March 2015


feeling is first, syntax is second
unless there's syntax when you feel.
b.v somewhere btw 1992-2015

ems crouch(
)ing bruiseD Suddenly by thousand
starings rinsed with
thoroughly million yells they f-oo-l(whom,blinds;blood)pa-nt stab are
(slopped givers of not)bang spurting mesh(faith
-ful which -ly try are ing)al
most fe(hug)males(one-t wo-l oop-l
eftsthrowr ightsm issingupperc
uts-lurc hhurt-re coil charge&)swooN

e.e cummings (1935) on boxing match

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Saturday 7 March 2015

Fear of Music & Coronelismo

___ Ah é música né?..... não da gente, vamos passar pro proximo. 
___Esse tem galeria? 
___Ele ta com a Angela Souto agora. Não sabia? 
___Ai que trabalho lindoo! Olha ele aqui na Folha de SP de hoje.

Coronéis culturais limitados sempre estiveram em voga no Brasil desde que eu nasci. 
Não mudou nada e nunca vai mudar. 
O carpete é novo mas a fazenda é sempre a mesma. 
E os cafés? 
____Starbucks e Cafe Costa. 
They keep coming.

Existe coisa mais nojenta que afetação cultural?

Micro-facismo de doninhas e urubus & o eterno complexo de Shopping Center.... 
shop chop shop chop

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