Friday 29 July 2016

Mediocridade No Final

A quantidade de artistas medíocres no novo mainstream é proporcional a mediocridade do momento politico mundial.

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Friday 15 July 2016

Building the Enemy - Umbero Eco

Building the enemy

A  Pakistani taxi driver in NYC asked me: who's your enemy?

Different kinds of enemies

The first patterns of the Enemy

Early years of  Christianity >> enemy >> The Anti-Christ

The same pattern is observed to make the enemy archetypically repugnant. That's the same pattern for the muslim enemy or for the jewish enemy.

Conspiracy & Paranoia & The Novel

The universal conspiracy is a PLOT that was never discovered...so it can be used ad infinitum. It is the secret is empty it is continual.

For two people to keep a secret one must be DEAD

A secret in itself cannot contain itself. If it is empty it is protected forever

There was a plot to kill Julio Cesar (conspiracy)
There was a plot to ruin the French monarchy

You can invent an universal conspiracy.
Conspiracy exists
Business men are plotting

Are conspiracies INEVITABLE? Human beings are always plotting against one another.

The universal conspiracy is aINDISPENSABLE in order to deny to yourself or to your people  that you are the responsible.

The eternal problem of the scapegoat - somebody else is charged with the entire responsibility.

Needing and inventing and constructing the enemy.
We need a enemy
Why do we need an enemy? To re-inforce our identity.

In the "Prague Cemetery" YOU (Eco) have told us a story with a character Simonise constructed the vilest, horrendous, the most immoral, racist,  horrible, despicable human being.

A Conversation with Umberto Eco.
Umberto Eco in conversation with Paul Holdengräber, Director of LIVE at the New York Public Library.
Their wide-ranging conversation will in part focus on Eco's latest work of fiction, The Prague Cemetery. The book is an historical pseudo-reconstruction set in a 19th-century Europe teeming with secret service forgeries, Jesuit plots, murders and conspiracies, and covering everything from the unification of Italy, the Paris Commune, the Dreyfus Affair to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. It has been criticised by both the Vatican-backed newspaper the Osservatore Romano and the Chief Rabbi of Rome. 


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Wednesday 6 July 2016



We are happy to announce the release of Tetine’s spoken word album 53 DIAMONDS on Wet Dance Recordings. Composed, recorded and produced by Bruno Verner & Eliete Mejorado – and initially presented as a sound installation in São Paulo at Galeria Jaqueline Martins’ Glory Hole space curated by Bruno Mendonça - the record features a collection of eerie and electronic sonically uncompressed landscapes and tales.

Comprised of 10 spacious, slow and atmospheric pieces for electronics, piano, fx and voices, these tracks can be listened both as separate independent tales or as an expanded narrative in the form of a soup opera. 53 DIAMONDS is a dark-queer post-Marxist / post-internet fictional sonic critique on the vacuous world of art dealers, hegemonic cultural entrepreneurs, media moguls and other new colonialists. 

The album acidly satirizes a series of superficial neoliberal clichés by vocally dramatizing forms of mindless consumerism, competitive behaviour, betrayal, submission, domination, the colonization of ‘capitalistic dreams’ and private property. It works as a satire of the old white elite with their self-important men and women and their relationship with questions of self-indulgence, expectation, use-value/exchange-value and panic

On another note, the record investigates the economy of being ‘given a present’ and confronts it with narratives of buying & selling diamonds. These tracks are also 'cut-up tales' which fictionalise situations of abundance and were written by using cheap advertising late night TV selling-of-products language, eBay messages, internet crime stories and melodramatic interjections & talk as their source.

53 DIAMONDS is a hallucinatory collection of blind short stories, crimes and falso brilhantes. It explores ideas of 'boredom’, property’, ‘selfishness’ and ‘freedom’ in our current contemporary cultural condition and the collective fictions it produces in the realm of a self-perpetuating technological regime of control. It plays with notions of compressed culture, power and powerlessness, repression, rejection, betrayal, sexualized children, nationalism, race, Brazil, Latin America and the death of myths.

Through the combination of modified voices, dystopian basslines, beat-less wet soundscapes and harmonic tensions, 53 Diamonds was written as a poetically caustic and sexually-charged commentary on contemporary superficiality and forms of controlled de-sublimation.

53 Diamonds
Eliete Mejorado – vocals, fx, keys
Bruno Verner - programming, keys, samples, piano, occasional vocals


1. 53 Diamonds    
2. Prelude 2    
3. If (Are You Still With Me?)    
4. Painted Baby        
5. Joy N2            
6. From Now On            
7. Faites Moi Dormir    
8. G.O.D. or D.O.G.
9. Three Bullets      
10. Learning to Relax  

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