Friday 16 May 2008

Hair Road-Test

Here is Eli talking on hair, wigs, mustaches, hairdos, heads & tails for psychoPEDIA

MAY 15, 2008

Hair Road-Test: Tetine's Favorite Styles
Singer Eli Mejorado Reveals the Good, the Bad, and the Hairy

Brazilian-born Eli Mejorado and Bruno Verner make up Tetine-– a bass-heavy duo who list their influences as tropical punk, funk carioca, Miami bass, punk-funk, and hysterical vocals. Their music sounds like 2 Live Crew being car-jacked by CSS. And if a song makes me want to dance when I’m neither drunk nor high, then that’s a pretty good indication that the band rocks, and all of Tetine’s songs make me want to do the ‘Electric Boogaloo.' But to be honest, I’m only really concerned with the female vocalist, Eli. She wears sparkly gold bikinis and always looks like she just rolled out of bed.

psychoPEDIA met with Eli to have a lengthy conversation about her love for all things hair: 

Why are you so obsessed with hair?
I’ve always loved hair since I was a child. Then I got into wigs, moustaches, and beards when I was about fifteen.

What style do you have your hair in at the moment?
It’s just wild, I don’t have any specific cut. I call it “wolf hair.”

Is there a specific place you like to get your hair done? 
My friend Silvio cuts my hair. He comes to my place and charges £30. He's sensitive and understands that my hair looks good when it looks like I haven't had it cut. 

How often do you change your hair?
I used to change it a lot before. I’ve had my hair colored blonde, red, orange, black, blue, and green: and I’ve had it short, curly, and straight. Nowadays, I like it its natural color and long. If I want a change, I go for a wig. To be honest, I'm tempted to go for a more light brown color at the moment.

What's your favorite hairstyle?
My all-time favorite is the long, curly, and blonde. But I also have a thing for actresses from Alfred Hitchcock movies with perfect hairdos.

What do you think is the worst style ever?
It depends. I wouldn't go for red and short myself, but my friend looks just perfect with it.

Can you remember the worst haircut you ever had? 
I once had straight blonde hair that was very long at the back and short at the front. My nose was just too big for that style. I looked awful.

Which celeb has hair that you think is cool?
Amy Winehouse has such a nice hairdo! She looks sexy without having to make any effort. But, my all time favorite hairstyle was on Tippi Hedren when she acted in The Birds. Even when she's attacked and covered in blood, her hair still looks perfect to me.

Is a good hairstyle ever an adequate substitute for not having a personality?
No. I think the hair translates the personality.

Do you like people to grab your hair when you’re having sex?
I definitely do! Grabbing is good, but I hate when they pull it. I can get very angry.

How do you feel about men who shave off all their pubic hair?
I pity them. I like men like Chili Gonzales.

Do you have a take on facial hair? Don’t you hate it when guys rub their grizzly faces against yours?
I don't like it when the beard is growing. It hurts! I like it when it’s a fully-grown beard.

Anything we should look out for with Tetine this year?
Our new album is coming out on Soul Jazz in mid-April. It's going to be hairy! 

~Donald Crunk @ Styleslut


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