Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Realce or A Gente Precisa Ver O Luar

As a transcendental preparation when music really began to infiltrate my skin more consistently I bumped into Gilberto Gil's music. Gil made a huge impression on me.
The first time I heard his hit single 'Realce' on the radio in 1979 I knew I was listening to something special. That's when I heard the harmonics of its modal/ cosmic disco-funk with jazz-fusion... these luminous progressions and afro-disco warmth would follow him through many subsequent tracks such as "Toda Menina Baiana", A Gente Precisa Ver O Luar", "Banda Um", "Palco", "Lente Do Amor", 'O Afoxé é' amongst many other pieces. These are only a few examples of his unusual fusion afro-brazilian-futuristic pop with esoteric and modal disco. BUT this is another Gil. Not the late 60's, early 70's pre-tropicalia, post bossa-novista. This is Gil entering the 80's as post tropicalist entity who was simultaneoulsy interested in Earth Wind & Fire, late 70's disco-funk, reggae, MPB, baladas and radiophonic pop.

In 1982 I went to see him live at the Mineirinho stadium in Belo Horizonte.
To see and hear all of these songs performed live with his huge band Banda Um changed my  understanding of sound and pop. In parallel these songs also led me to Brazilian disco, synth pop, punk funk and post punk.

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