Wednesday 10 March 2010

L.I.C.K My Favela - re-issued on Slum Dunk (LIMITED ED)

'We wrote L.I.C.K My Favela by the end of 2004 as a reaction against a number of "boring macho" music industry types, 'musical playboys' & public cultural strategists - who seem to believe they're eternally 're-discovering' Brazil and other Latin American countries...We met them quite a few times along the way, they thought they could colonize again...'

'L.I.C.K. My Favela (Slum Dunk) is wall-to-wall with sassy party jawns, grrrl-queer liberation polemics, and Miami-bass boom."Jessica Hopper, CHICAGO READER. Sept 2006

'The charmingly sleazy boy/girl duo bumped, grinded, gyrated, and spat quick-tongued Portuguese over a sick array of beats and samples, encouraging folks to lick their favelas-- sounds naughty, until you realize that favela basically translates to "ghetto." Matthew Solarsk, PITCHFORK, Sept 2006

Tetine were my first introduction to the dirty brazillian sound of Funk Carioca (Rio Funk). Before the days of West Side Gang Bang, before all the Diplo lovin that was going on, these guys were breaking barriers on London radio. Christopher Lehault, Free NYC. Dec 2005

Tetine has also increasingly incorporated the aggressive beats of baile funk into their own more rock-oriented music, which Verner dubs "punk carioca" ... Tetine's forthcoming album, L.I.C.K My Favela, draws even more heavily from baile, especially on the Peaches-esque title cut. UR Chicago Dec 2005

Slum Dunk Music presents L.I.C.K My Favela (format limited ed CD, 12'')

L.I.C.K MY Favela is Tetine's special limited edition CD and 12' (released in collaboration with Kute Bash Records) featuring 7 unashamedly dirty DIY-party smash hits suitable for dance floors, living rooms, kitchens and big balls.

Recorded during 2005 around Brasil and Europe, the EP brings some of the tracks you heard on our live shows but couldn't get hold of. The result is a brutal tropical blend of punk carioca, baile funk, old school electro, classic post punk sampling lines & dirty mutant disco, all sang in
English and Portuguese.

L.I.C.K MY FAVELA celebrates third world independent music-making via DIY party music & sexual politics. It is a 100% per cent lickable & 100% per cent against musical playboys & bureaucrats. Feat. collaborations with funk carioca star MC Deize Tigrona & Paul B. Davis (8 Bit Construction Set/Beige Records)

New pressing is about to come! L.I.C.K My Favela will be sold online (CD or 12'') through Tetine's website (www.tetine.net) & after live shows.

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