Thursday, 23 February 2017

BBC TV-STUDIO TALK – G. P-Orridge's lost UK archives

"It was a cynical commentary.... like most of my work always has been.... on hypocrisy and arrogance and pomposity" 

'I was not surprised that it was taken into court....given the climate of our times which is basically one of insidious repression. The separating of individuals,  the separating of minorities.... and most of all the discrediting of freedom of thought as an option'. 

But I don't think people should be surprise.... I don't think people should expect to see overt attacks on the status quo from artists. Since my case most artists are a bit like civil servants....they want to get their study and commission and they want to get ready for a job at the art college and their bursaries..... and they don't want to rock the boat because they scared of what can happen....  

extracts from BBC TV-STUDIO TALK – G. P-Orridge's lost UK archives.

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