Thursday, 13 April 2017

Revolution is My Boyfriend

These are stills from Tetine's new video for the song "Revolution is My Boyfriend"

Tetine’s new video "Revolution is My Boyfriend” is out on April 17th. 

As we walk, the numbers keep running. 
Numbers, dates, economies and sex: outdated memories of the present, past and future. 
False recognitions. 
Becoming animal or the snobbery of memory?
An Animal Numeral.
In real and formal anachronism. Duplicating as language keeps collapsing.
As we walk, we fall. As we talk, we forget 

Revolution is my boyfriend is a death electro-industrial-samba dedicated to what is left of...
There's bass.
There's melody.
There's tension.

Revolution is my Boyfriend is a love song.  

"We thought we had correct knowledge - how very sophisticated to know, knowing that one does not know, to know, presenting oneself sincerely as not knowing, to know how to construct in an open, decided, instigating way, the knowledge ultimately of an analyst” To restart the revolution is not to re-begin it, it is to cease to see the world alienated, men to be saved or helped, or even to be served, it is to abandon the masculine position, to listen to femininity, stupidity and madness without regarding them as evils. 
Hatred for the pimp who disguises himself as a girl without having the desire to be one, sinister masculine caricature of the nobleman in drag.
End of the outburst” Lyotard in Libidinal Economy 

The song is taken from the album" Queer & Mutant Funk Cuts (2000-2005) and was originally recorded in 2004 and written after watching The Raspberry Reich by Canadian filmmaker Bruce La Bruce.

We go out again
Wash and go
Every now and then

I'm calling you
From the other side of town
And this is love
From the bottom of my heart
Which is going down

I went to the cinema
I heard this phrase
Revolution is my Boyfriend

(written by b.verner / eliete mejorado) p & c 2004

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