Monday, 1 January 2018

Hello 2018

Hello 2018! Let’s return to the living. We wish you ALL good vibes in your many temporalities and dimensions. 
With more good sex, music, poetry and electronics. 
Expect from this organism more disruption and other forms of contaminations to come... including a solo output (soon to be announced), a great compilation of rarities we’ve been working on for a while and Tetine’s new stuff.
We know that the world is speaking genocide like never-before and with the words and actions of new colonialists/technicians… so we must get ready.
Fight late capitalism, imperialism and perpetual colonialism, fart in the face of neoliberals & neoliberalism and do not let them burn your soul. You deserve more. The numbers are running.
Evoé! Bruno VernerEli Mejorado

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