Monday, 20 February 2017

I'll have my computer talk to you or my 21 st century bicycle

1984" Apple Macintosh commercial

In 1984, Riddley Scott directed a big-budget ($900,000) television commercial, "1984", to launch Apple's Macintosh computer.[Scott filmed the advertisement in England for about $370,000; which was given a showcase airing in the US on 22 January 1984, during Super Bowl XVIII, alongside screenings in cinemas.[ Some consider this advertisement a "watershed event" in advertising and a "masterpiece". Advertising Age placed it top of its list of the 50 greatest commercials

Steve Jobs presenting the first Mac in 1984
January 24, 1984: Apple founder Steve Jobs presented the first Macintosh computer. The Macintosh 128K.

Macintosh 1984 Promotional Video - with Bill Gates.
This is an edited version of a promotional video produced by Apple Computer in 1984 to launch the Mac. Surprisingly, Steve Jobs does NOT make an appearance in this video. It is BILL GATES that we see extolling the virtues and future of the Mac.

1981 Nightline interview with Steve Jobs
Ted Koppel, Bettina Gregory, and Ken Kashiwahara present news stories from 1981 on the relevancy of computers in every day life and how they will affect our future. Included are interviews with Apple Computer Chairman Steve Jobs and writer David Burnham.

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