Friday 26 April 2019


Last week TETINE were censored by a white male misogynist-hygienist manager in a hierarchical vertical command of a building that was once an institution of real pleasure, magika, sex and dream, not a commercial architectural doll of hashtags in the form of a shopping mall. This is how our two FEMININE 'pieces' "Wild is the Wind" and "All the Mornings of the World'"- the first on the murder of women during the military regime and the second one, a temporal/terminal map of life, gozo and death, orchestrating the circulation of emotions in the centre of São Paulo during the late 80s and early 90s, during which time the two of us lived in the central zone of SP [Eli at the COPAN building and at Louvre for a while, and I at Praça da Bandeira with Rua Santo Antonio and Av. Nove de Julho on the Saint Patrick building, the one glued to Ed. Joelma] - were torn from the COPAN wall where they had been living for a week and a half as part of exhibition 3 Act - o verso, led by the Museu do Louvre Pau Brazyl.

The fascist asshole is called Affonso with two Fs. He felt offended by the content and told the organisers that the wall was his. Could not bear the WOMEN,  the mapping of the saunas, the friends who died of AIDS, the porn cinemas, the bathrooms, the galleries, the cancer, the melancholic happiness of Anhangabaú, the late night bars, the restaurants. And then said COPAN is A-political. The Museu do Louvre Pau Brazyl had permission to display the works and re-installed both works.  A little later they were plucked by the wall again.

This is to inform that next Thursday May 2nd at 14;30 at Praça Roosevelt we will release our black semiotics, that is the kites of the two works in a visible and transparent action BY THE AIR in collaboration with the children of CASA 1. This work originated during the process of residence at the Louvre Pau Brazyl in November last still in 2018 during the Trials of the Third Act.
The air is still yours.

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