Thursday 26 September 2019


After living in this country for the past 20 years, and being an [‘independent’] foreign artist from South America who happens to circulate - however without being really allowed to ‘circulate’ - in many British/or European sonic & art [dubiously autonomous, independent ] environments, that is, an artist without LOCATION since day ZERO in the Anglo-American hemisphere, and therefore with no licence whatsoever to walk through spheres primarily destined to 1- those born and bred in the UK, 2-  those producing the customary blue-eyed pop (independent, DIY or not], 3 - those without an ‘accent’, 4 - those who have good manners or hold ‘the etiquette’ to be in such industry, 5 - those who have had the  backing of record labels and PRs to engage in the most boring and unpoetically forms of promotion, 6- those frequently in accordance to the usual normative grammar of a traditional and perpetually patriarchal music/art scene [industry]. I must tell you, after a certain point - in my case the last 30 years - you can’t just let the same-ever patronising discourse of so many summers ago, keep troubling you again and again, or the guidelines for the fake etiquette, or the whiteness & sexless professorial arrogance of toneless millennial critics who patronizingly still think they can teach you good manners or a lesson or two. Warning: First go learn how to dance, learn how to scream.

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