Monday 9 February 2015


Dia 10/02 - 18h
Galeria Jaqueline Martins
Espaço Glory Hole
Raree Show 1: TETINE - Bruno Verner e Eli Mejorado
53 Diamantes : A collection of black stories, crimes, falsos-brilhantes & other poems.

Researcher Bruno Mendonça invited the duo of Brazilian artists based in London - Tetine - formed by Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado, to be the first ones to exhibit in the glory hole space. With a multimedia production, the duo present a hybrid and trans-disciplinary vocabulary crossing languages and boundaries between the worlds of music, performance, video art and text.

Raree Show ("rarity show") can be traced back to early modern times (15th century in Europe, by Leon Battista Alberti) and are known in various cultures. A raree show could be a wooden box with a hole or several holes, containing a set of pictures which the show-man could set into a viewing position by pulling a corresponding string. The boxes were often decorated inside to resemble theatrical scenes. The show was accompanied by spoken recitation that explained or dramatized what was happening inside. In Ottoman Syria a form of peep show called sanduk al-ajayib ("wonder box") existed, which narrated stories about contemporary figures and events, or showed scenes of heaven and hell. In contemporary use, a peep show is a piecewise presentation of pornographic films or a live sex show which is viewed through a viewing slot, which shuts after the time paid for has expired. 

In Raree Show 1 the duo will present the audio installation 53 Diamantes : A collection of black stories, crimes, falsos-brilhantes & other poems, composed of sketches of spoken word and sound experimentations that make up a narrative that moves between the fields of poetry, literature, theatre, film and novel. The sound pieces are like chapters or acts of this narrative. The work can be thought of in an expanded form, as a book, a film or a play. 

Throughout the first semester of 2015 the glory hole programme will be curated by Bruno Mendonça and will have as guest artists, artists such as Cristiano Lenhardt and Annika Larsson, amongst others.

Glory hole

Giving continuity to its conceptual proposal, Galeria Jaqueline Martins inaugurates in 2015 the glory hole project.

glory hole stems from the gallery’s research-oriented programme, establishing itself as a platform of ideas and practical and theoretical experimentation.

The space reserved for special projects, that has a different guest curator every semester, gives curators and artists of different generations the opportunity to materialize their research, carrying out exhibitions with a strong experimental character.

Located inside the gallery’s building, glory hole presents a scale and dimensions that deviates from the conventional standards of architectural exhibition areas (2,15 x 1,38 x 0,90 cm). Using projects such as that of the NuMu museum – Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporâneo de Guatemala, as well as the historic L'Attico by Fabio Sargentini as a reference, the space also relates to other national and international projects and platforms which have used different types of architectural spaces for the exhibition and reflection on contemporary artistic productions.

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