Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Along came the flu pandemic

Along came the flu pandemic and then he was gone.

Your baby is the miracle the whole world has been waiting for.

Everybody know that the plague is coming
Everybody knows that is moving fast

The Human Project is having this dinner and all the wisest men in the world are there..

"Human Project" Why do people believe this crap? You know, even if these people existed with these facilities in secret locations. Even if they discovered the cure for infertility - it doesn't matter. Too late. The world went to shit. You know what? It was too late before the infertility thing happened.

Bexhill Refugee Camp

Gustav Mahler - Kindertotenlieder | Songs on the Death of Children to poems by Friedrich Rückert
Christa Ludwig, Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan.

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