Saturday 29 March 2008

My new baby LET YOUR X'S BE Y'S is about to be born...
see what they are saying about her:


Tetine: Let Your Xs Be Ys (Soul Jazz)
Wednesday March 19, 2008
By Nick Tesco

"Often those who benefit least from the rise of a new musical style or scene tend to be the originators, the pathfinders or the mavericks. Tetine sit right in that bracket. They are the sharp end of the Sao Paulo Baile-punk-funk mash-up scene that served up CSS and Bonde Do Role in quick succession.

Formed in 1995 by Eliete Mejorado and Bruno Verner, Tetine released their first album Alexander’s Grave in 1996 through their own label, High School Records. Let Your Xs Be Ys may be their first official UK release but it is, in fact, their eighth album; and it’s excellent.

They are already well known in London having moved here in 2000 when invited to become resident artists at Queen Mary’s College, University of London. And, noted for their work with performance artists like UR=HOR, led by choreographer Adriana Banana, the band developed their reputation throughout Europe with pieces like Samba de Monalisa, a collaboration with the French artist Sophie Calle.

Their encouragement and support of musicians from Sao Paulo and the Baile-funk scene helped raise the profile of acts like CSS, who repay the favour here with an excellent remix of the lead track, I Go To The Doctor.

The album is a breath of fresh air; at times evocative of early Pet Shop Boys, on tracks like What A Gift To Get, and at others conjuring up the template for the joyful sound of new Brazil on Ai Amor/Me So Horny.

The whole thing is an embarrassment of riches, and as a piece it holds together with wit and charm. Kinder than their full-on live shows it pulls you in and holds you with its ever changing flow and colour, never boring, always inventive.

Name checked by musicians like Chicks on Speed, CSS, Diplo and Sinden they have also appeared with acts like Dizzee Rascal. Their recent headliner at the Last.fm sponsored night at Bethnal Green’s Working Man’s Club was a reflection of their prominence on Last’s hype chart. And with summer festivals pencilled in across Europe, their underground cool is likely to come into the sunlight.

Check them out on Resonance FM (http://www.resonancefm.com) where they have a regular show. Whether or not they are that concerned with being pop stars is a mystery, the music says yes but the band themselves are so much more than that."

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Friday 28 March 2008

In Love with ALZIRA E

Welcome/ Beinvenido
WE CALL IT I SEE NO CLOUDS AHEAD - all things considered.

Alzira E made one of the best brazilian domestic folk tunes of the last 10 years.
We adore her!


while recording Entertainment 249


remain inside....we made let the x be x last summer.
Spring is coming now and also our next album LET YOUR X's BE Y's on Soul Jazz Records
Happiness is a warm gun.


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