Monday 25 January 2010


Some recent nice reviews on Tetine's new record From A Forest Near You. The album is OUT this Monday, Feb 8th & it's available in all good stores, check it out!

'If this is what's going on down our local copse then we really need to spend more time with nature. Brazilian boy-girl duo Tetine's tenth album ( although only their forth on worldwide release), veers from compelling tropicalia- flanged, punk-funk to dark, minimal, cosmic disco (Revolver), while the pinging, 80's-synth-sample enabled ' Yr Daughter Lies' sounds like something a DJ could spin down the Dalek disco'. Kim Taylor Bennet, Time Out London

'The new Tetine album 'From A Forest Near You' [Soul Jazz Records] is a joy. It oozes charm and atmosphere with a delicious punk-funk-disco sound from Brazilian duo Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado (now residing in London). Bruno handles the vocals on opener 'Tropical Punk' (the new single) while Eliette's vocals are super sassy on 'Shiva' (second new single). Both of them sound effortlessly sexy and certainly the same can be said of the album. A tropical meld of genres. You can hear the exotic parts of Sao Paulo, New York and London soundtracked within these 14 songs. Relaxed and breezy this album radiates sunshine and emotion. It will make you want to dance yet it doesn't pander to the usual dance production formulas. Out in February this album is a glorious start to the year'. Mark Moore, QX Magazine

'Brazilian duo Tetine, that's Bruno and Eli are like a little paradise of music making, this forthcoming album features the relaxed side of their DIY approach. Recorded at home while Eli's expecting, it relies on pulses of bass and layered riffs, smart innuendo and insight. Perfectly infectious, I can't wait to see this live' Princess Julia, PIX

From A Forrest Near You is the 10th album from Brazilian duo Tetine. The two are known for their unique brand of dance, punk and experimental sounds, and on this album they've compiled those sounds into a nice collection of pop oriented, spacey disco punk. Check out "Tropical Punk," "Let's Get Together," "Electric Sun Ra," "It's A Brotherhood" and "Free Love" for a good idea of what I'm talking about. If you've always wished there was a slightly more belearic aspect to bands like Pixeltan and Free Blood, your prayers have been answered.TURNTABLE LAB

'Last seen making their UK album debut on Soul Jazz for their 2008 album Let Your Xs Be Ys, Brazilian duo Tetine return with a fresh collection of tropical punk-funk and new-wave inspired electro-pop. As if to properly reintroduce what it is this band do, opening track 'Tropical Punk' lays it plain: Bruno Verner takes the vocal, fronting a mix of catchy drum machines and melodic, almost ESG-like basslines. Maximising dancefloor potential, 'Yr Daughter Lies' finds processed, abstract guitars and electronics weaving their way through a disco soundscape with mutant vocals drifting around in the mix. The album continues to deliver poppy, instant gratification right through to 'It's A Brotherhood, on which Eliete Mejorado delivers a spoken-word vocal over a modulating, midtempo synth-pop backdrop. It's a rare moment to catch breath before the band propel themselves back in the direction of more baile-punk fun on 'Nao' and beyond'. Bookmark

À l’heure où des héros anonymes comme Stéphane Delajoux œuvrent chaque jour pour nous débarrasser discrètement des vieilles et inamovibles têtes de gondoles, beaucoup de groupes s’évertuent à garder bien vivant l’héritage de ces 30 ou 40 dernières années. Ainsi les Brésiliens de Tetine : auteur d’un excellent ‘Let Your X’s Be Y’s’ sorti il y a deux ans, ce duo semblait être parti sur un lignée malgré tout fort intéressante. Après leur électronique fort rétro mais très ludique (‘I Go To The Doctor’), cette fois-ci le duo vole dans les plumes d’une new wave un peu référencée (Eno, Kratwerk, ‘Electric Sun Ra’ très ‘Electricity’ des premiers OMD), non sans ajouter quelques lignes de basses simples et funky à la ESG (‘Shiva’). ‘It’s A Brotherhood’ a quelque chose d’extralucide avec la voix de Eliete Mejorado qui erre sur des guitares fantômes, ajoutant au ton Sonic Youth. Celui-ci est aussitôt démenti par des effets sonores sortis tout droit des premiers claviers de Brian Eno… glacial pour des Brésiliens mais absolument envoûtant. ‘Free Love’, sans doute un sommet, avec son beat têtu made in 80’ et les splendides vocals de Bruno Verner. ‘Beautiful Day’ est ce qu’il a y a de moins structuré et vous fait perdre tout repère avec ces synthés aigus qui vous enjoint à fixer le soleil pendant des heures. Un disque tout à fait intéressant par son approche quand même assez originale d’un revivalisme qui n’épargne aucun courant. (JD). RESET TO ZERO - Cloudsleeper

Si le premier album de Tetine n’était pas arrivé jusqu’à moi, en revanche ce second, intitulé "From A Forest Near You", ma permis de découvrir ce sympathique duo de brésiliens qui définit sa musique de tropical punk funk. Plus concrètement, les compos de Tetine renvoient à la fois au son DFA mais également au son 80’s des Talking Heads ou de Devo avec en plus la Brazilian Touch qui fait ici la différence. Sans entre forcément très original, l’album s’écoute avec un réel plaisir, notamment pour son côté entraînant et sautillant qui le rapproche également des albums de Vampire Weekend. A découvrir ! Pop Revue Express, France. [7/10]

FROM A FOREST NEAR YOU IS OUT FEB 8th in all good shops.

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Sunday 24 January 2010


Slum Dunk Music is an independent label run by Eliete Mejorado & Bruno Verner fromTetine.

Slum Dunk Music started off in 2002 as an extension/continuation of Tetine's old imprint High School Records founded in Sao Paulo at the back of our kitchen to release our first records in Brazil in 1995. Firstly, Slum Dunk functioned as a pioneering radio show on Resonance Fm 104.4 in London and then a few years later it turned into a free-spirited/no-prejudice kind of music/art label created exclusively to release Tetine’s own music and art-related projects.

Hosted by Bruno & Eliete & broadcasting live shows every week from Resonance FM' small studio (when it was still located in Soho) - for approximately 3 years non-stop, then presented in one-off seasons from time to time, the Slum Dunk show was responsible to bring Funk Carioca– the intense lo-down Miami-bass driven sound from Rio’s favela parties – within London’s cultural radar, giving exposure to a number of Baile Funk artists for the first time in Europe, introducing the British and Americans to a new genre, as well as playing Brazil’s most experimental soundscapes. Slum Dunk radio show covered from obscure electronica to post punk, funk carioca to avant hip hop, experimental mpb to film music and beyond through hundreds of thematic or free-form unexpected radio shows including live performances, interviews with MCs, producers, artists, curators, journalists, beat & party politics conversations, screenings and more!

Two years later in 2004, ‘Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca mixed by Tetine was out in Europe and USA through Mr Bongo Records. The album was the first mixtape of Funk Carioca to be released outside Brazil & it became a reference point to ghetto electro Djs all over the world, influencing an entire generation of young beat-makers, MCs and producers.

One year later, The Sexual Life of The Savages was released on the ever-amazing Soul Jazz Records with Tetine’s take on the early 80's underground post-punk scene from Sao Paulo. The album was conceived and curated by the band & introduced the music of several obscure Brazilian no wave acts such as Gang 90 & As Absurdettes, As Mercenarias, Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram, Harry, Fellini amongst others. The record included a 16-page booklet with detailed liner notes on the scene written by Bruno Verner.

Then in 2005 Slum Dunk began acting also as micro-label putting out limited and numbered editions of CDrs and 12’s (via white labels released on Berlin's imprint Kute Bash Records) to a small but very selected crowd. The first release was L.I.C.K MY FAVELA - Tetine’s sample-laden brutal tropical blend of baile funk, post punk & old school electro, complete with classic sampling lines & collaborations with MC Deize Tigrona and Paul B. Davis (8 Bit Construction Set).

In 2006, Slum Dunk Music re-pressed a second limited edition ofL.I.C.K My FAVELA as Tetine was invited to take part at the exhibition Tropicalia – A Revolution in Brazilian Culture - at TheBarbican Centre.

In 2009 Slum Dunk re-releases Tetine vs Sophie Calle, Samba de Monalisaa cult obscure electronica art project/album made in collaboration with French artist Sophie Calle originally released on Scanner’s imprint Sulphur Records back in 2002.

In 2010 we are proud to officially release Tetine’s brand new album From A Forest Near You – a luminous DIY collection of tropical mutant punk funk/ new wave & experimental electro pop fused with minimal dark sambas and percussive drum machine-pop.

The mindset behind Slum Dunk is pretty much the same since the first radio shows on Resonance. We play & put out inventive, playful, exquisite and brutal music. No matter the style.


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