Tuesday 21 February 2012

Pocket artist red book - 60 pages

In 1998 we put together this little charming pocket book inspired by late 70's mass market romance collection Sabrina, Julia & Bianca. These novels were massive in Brasil & sold millions of copies around the country - making also a huge impact on housewives & teenagers of all states who were by then discovering or exploring their sexuality.

We did a limited edition of 1000 copies to accompany our performance Musica de Amor self-releasing it at the time through our imprint High School. The red book also worked as a libretto and a graphic score to follow the characters of our pieces. It comes with texts, drawings, schemes, photographs and lyrics taken from three different works Alexander's Grave (1995), Creme (1997), Musica De Amor (1998).

More info and availability: www.tetine.net

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