Wednesday 20 November 2019

You're just a pig - a white pig

Boris Johnson did not respond to any question on yesteday's debate. It is hard to believe that people in this country don't see it and the media in general do not criticise him harshly. He has the energy of a rapist high on coke and that's all you get from him. Nothing more. Like any other macho type, he speaks what he wants, when he wants, do not respect the times, interrupts and still, people clap ...  including that presenter who seems condescending with him. A privilegeged white pig endelessly repeating his 'let's get brexit done' thing with that boring smirck. Jeremy Corbyn was incredibly polite yesterday & responded to every single question he was asked. Boris Johnson has nothing to offer. He improvises badly, he has Zero swing and Zero sense of empathy or emotion. It is all there to everyone to see. [You just don't see it if you do not want to].

Labour has a plan and it looks great. There's hope involved. And there's joy. And there's another kind of social and collective energy involved in the equation. I can't understand why people in this country still prefer Boris Johnson. There must be some kind of 'connection' I do not get. My feeling is that - unfortunately - Boris Johnson might win the election.

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