Friday, 5 January 2018


Imagination's Night Dubbing is a record as important to me as Kraftwerk's Trans Europe Express or Radioactivity. 
This was the album that made me want to do electronic music and actually to become a musician. 
Every single bit of it is pure pop perfection, from that electronically crystalline synth bass used in almost all the tracks to the drum programming, sequencing, effects.... plus all the melodies, its progressions and all the timbres. Arranged, produced and reworked by Steve Jolley and Tony Swain and Richard Lengyl, including a remix by Larry Levan for 'Changes'. Not to mention Leee John's most beautiful and elegant vocals ever, (here mostly re-sampled, cut and pasted and redistributed in space but also used sometimes without any effects) with all that brilliant panning and delaying all over. Futuristic illusionist flanger-ed spacious disco-melancholia for lovers and dreamers. Everything in the right place. The studio is the instrument here. The rework of music, of lights, of bodies talking and crystals. (A)temporal Oceanic-dub-disco-clap. Body talk, Music and Lights, Changes, Flashback, So Good So Right. Heart and Soul, 
C r y s t a l i z e d P E R F E C T I O N. 

I bought Night Dubbing in 1983 in a small shop in my home town Belo Horizonte in Brasil. 

Hackney / New York / Belo Horizonte / Sao Paulo / Hackney.

Written by Leee John, Ashley Ingram, Errol Kennedy

+ + Garage  UK classic -  Leee John - Your Mind, Your Body and Your Soul (SAS Phantasy Mix)

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