Wednesday 23 January 2019

Jonas Mekas dies at 96.

R.i.p Jonas Mekas, extraordinary dreamer moving through this transitory life. Alto respeito.

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Saturday 19 January 2019

My mother tried to abort me so I would not starve.

My mother tried to abort me so I would not starve.

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Thursday 3 January 2019


We wish you all of you new beginnings in your many temporalities and temperatures, despite the amount of shit, stupidity, ecological disasters and white moralism which has contaminated everything/everywhere around this thing we call world. In particular, our native 'country' which has just inaugurated a new branch of Facist government under the wings of Capital in conjunction with you know whom. This is only to say that in spite of all this, we had the chance to meet incredible people who still dream, sin and feel. This piece below is the result of a workshop/process we named "Sobre o Vento/ Wild is the Wind" and one of the highlights of our year. We did it last November in São Paulo (Brasil) - right after the election of the new Brazilian-NAZI moralists. "Sobre o Vento/ Wild is the Wind" is a workshop-process-conversation-action on the distinct senses, directions and gradations of the air. For making & flying kites for Iansã and for breathing. In other words, para fazer das pipas coração.
The action was part of the "Ensaio do Terceiro Ato" of the glorious museu do louvre pau-brazyl and was held at the incredible and more than necessary Casa 1 in São Paulo last November 2018. We have just uploaded some of the videos related to this project. This is (part 2). Check it out, watch and listen deep.
With love and gratitude to : Xis, Leo, Guilherme Giufrida, Carol, João Tunchi, Pontogor, Karina,
Dominique, Vital Gaspar Junior, Fabio Vieira, Marcos Vinicius, Alice Toxine Kaulitz, Gabriel Sampaio, Ludovica Carbotta, João A Paes, Wagner Schwants
Jessica Varrichio, Bruno Mendonça, Bruno Oliveira, Iran Giusti, Carlóis Amorin, Renato Jacques, Barbara Maria, Regis Halves, Diego Almeida, Rodrigo Kauê. With Eli Mejorado & Bruno Verner Jéssica VarrichioGuilherme Giufrida João Turchi Ludovica Carbotta Bruno Mendonça Bruno Oliveira Iran Giusti Carlós Amorim Jjoão A. Paes Renato Jacques

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Whiteness and Moralism or Moralismo branco

The degree of stupidity, bad taste, and white moralism - that one which strikes and contaminates everything/ everywhere is nauseating.

O grau de burrice, mal gosto e moralismo branco - aquele que atinge e contamina todas as raças, classes, gêneros é nauseante. Bota na boca, bota na cara, bota onde quiser.

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