Wednesday 12 February 2020


preto curado por branco
branco curado por branco
preto curado por preto
branco curado por preto
preto curado por branco
brando curado por branco
brando curado por preto
prato curado aos prantos

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Friday 7 February 2020

Bruno Verner - interview for the fanzine Última Quimera

Entrevista para Sad Fayence - editor do fanzine Última Quimera. Publicada in December 2019.

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Divergência Socialista no fanzine Última Quimera (Dez 2019)

Divergência Socialista no excelente Última Quimera, fanzine dedicado ao post punk & goth editado por Freon [Sad Fayence]. (edição 5, Dezembro 2019).
Leia, veja, sinta.

Ergo em Silêncio a Cidade Submersa / Papéis sobre a mesa a cidade submersa

Aqui Aqui / Aqui Aqui/ Aqui Aqui/ Aqui Aqui
Nada Ninguém / Quase Porem / Antes Além / Fome Sem
Aqui Nada / Aqui Ninguém / Aqui Quase / Aqui Porém
Aqui Antes / Aqui Além / Aqui Fome / Aqui Sem
[On the radio]
Ergo em silêncio a cidade submersa / papéis sobre a mesa / A cidade submersa
[On the radio]
Pela cara ninguém sabe quem é o marginal / o ódio da gente nao sai no jornal.
[On the radio]
A minha, a minha vida é essa, subir Bahia, descer Floresta.
A minha, a minha vida é essa, descer Bahia,subir Floresta.
[I am / I am I / am your Auto / Your Automatic Lover]
[I am your automatic lover, apareça Erik Satie]
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da

Aqui & Aqui / Thomas Morus Dub - original taken from the cassette Lilith Lunaire.

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Saturday 1 February 2020

Tetine live at For K-Punk 2020 in celebration of Mark Fisher

Here are some pictures of Tetine playing from new album 'Animal Numeral' as part of the For K-Punk 2020 in celebration of Mark Fisher (1968-2017). 
The performance took place at Goldsmiths SU in London, following the 3rd Mark Fisher Memorial organised by the Department of Visual Arts. 

Tetine also dedicate this performance to our dear friend - (partner in music, sound and letter, poet and founder of Divergência Socialista) Marcelo Dolabela (1957-2020) who passed away on the day of this performance.

O terceiro mundo vai explodir e quem tiver de sapato não sobra. É preciso pecar em dobro #tropicalmutantpunkfunk #tetine#animalnumeral for#kpunk #markfisher w/ Bruno Verner and Eli Mejorado.

In celebration of Mark Fisher! Glad to share Tetine will be playing live at this year’s For K-Punk night alongside a great lineup this coming Friday at Goldsmiths SU. All welcome! - further info below. ———————————————————————-
17 JANUARY 2020
10PM – 3AM


To follow the 2020 Mark Fisher Memorial Lecture by Simon Reynolds.

Join us on Friday 17th January 2020 for a night of music celebrating the memory of the late Mark Fisher. Carving out a trajectory from popmod post-punk into the not so distant future, we will be thinking Mark’s work as a dancefloor, bringing you a mixture of live acts and DJs, affirming what Simon Reynolds describes as “the power that music has held out for successive generations, and the challenge of activating music’s promise in the world beyond.”






www.4kpunk.tumblr.com ***** Goldsmiths Students Union is located on Dixon Road SE14 6NW, next to Goldsmiths University. The venue has a capacity of 400 and is wheelchair accessible, with ramps, lift facilities and gender neutral accessible bathrooms. For further information, please see the full access guide on AccessAble: https://www.accessable.co.uk/goldsmiths-university-of-london/access-guides/goldsmiths-student-union. If there is anything we can do to make attending the event easier for you, please get in touch with Natasha at va301ne@gold.ac.uk and we will try our best to help. ***** For more information about the third annual Mark Fisher Memorial Lecture, visit: https://www.gold.ac.uk/calendar/?id=13054 or https://www.facebook.com/events/561049837962109/

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