Sunday 28 June 2020

Three Bullets

"Three Bullets", more blind short stories, novos velhos falsos-brilhantes & outros crimes - from the piece "53 Diamonds" for voice and electronics. (Wet Dance, 2016). Deep listening, stamp-free.
File under letters.

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Thursday 25 June 2020

SARAU POÉTICO-MUSICAL DADALOBELA em homanagem à Marcelo Dolabela (1957-2020)

This coming Friday, an homage to poet/musician Marcelo Dolabela (1957-2020), friend and collaborator on the Brazilian post-punk group Divergência Socialista in the 1980s. More than 30 poets/musicians will be performing, reading and talking about his legacy. Side A: (26/02) at 8 pm (Brazil) and midnight from the UK. Live from this link below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51R2PSCHVkk

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Monday 22 June 2020

Tetine - Lilith Lunaire (Divergência Socialista)

This is 'Lilith Lunaire', a dark tropical-minimal love song I wrote sometime in 1988 with my dear late friend and collaborator Marcelo Dolabela (1957-2020) for the Brazilian post punk group Divergência Socialista - originally released on a cassette tape of the same name.
This song was also one of Divergência Socialista's tracks that I have never stopped playing over the years, and belongs to a period in which we wrote many angular electronic/experimental songs of love and loss ... many of them, remaining only on rehearsal tapes ... or else on memory itself. This is Tetine's version, with me on piano + vox and Yoko on cello + vocals - recorded yesterday acoustically in one take in the lockdown.

Lilith Lunaire (Bruno Verner & Marcelo Dolabela)
As praias desertas
Quando iremos ver
As praias desertas
E antes de mim
Antes de você
Lilith Lunaire
O mesmo tempo
Da mesma procura
Da letra precisa
De toda cultura
Pierrot Lilith Lunaire
Pierrot Lilith Lunaire

Bruno Verner, piano / voz
Yoko Afi, cello / vocal

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Thursday 18 June 2020

It's 'Brotherhood (acoustic version)

We’ve been re-arranging some of Tetine’s repertoire (old and new) for piano, cello and voice as a trio. 
An organic and acoustic impulse that translates both mine and Eli's need of self-archiving and auto-cannibalising Tetine's past, present and future as a way of re-experiencing our songs.  
This is 'It's 'Brotherhood', a song from the album 'From A Forest Near You', written sometime in 2009 and originally released in 2010.

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Tuesday 9 June 2020

Animal Numeral - lockdown version

Acoustic version of 'Animal Numeral' recorded during the lockdown.
Animal Numeral (Tetine, 2019)

piano, voz, Bruno Verner // cello, Yoko Afi >> song taken from Tetine's album 'Animal Numeral' released on Slum Dunk Music, 2019.

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