Thursday 4 April 2013


Loveland -  Produced, filmed, edited and directed by Tetine. 
Taken from the album 'In Loveland With You' // Out april 8th on Slum Dunk Music 2013. 

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Burning Land - track off the album 'In Loveland with You' out April 8 on Slum Dunk Music // Directed, edited and produced by Tetine in Jan 2013 // cameras Bruno Verner, Eliete Mejorado and Pedro Ferraro.

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Tetine are Brazilian artist/musicians Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado from São Paulo, Brazil. Based in Hackney (East London) since 2000, the duo have created a multitude of music, performance art and films - including art projects, community and street actions around the area.

In Loveland With You is Tetine’s fourth album to be released in the UK and Europe – a follow up to their Tropical Punk album trilogy which included debut album Let Your X’s Be Y’s on Soul Jazz Records (2008) and both of their self-released records; From A Forest Near You (2010) and Voodoo Dance & Other Stories (2011) out on Slum Dunk Music. But this is in fact their 14th album since the band formed in São Paulo, back in 1995.

The new album is about the rise of the Fourth World as a metaphor. It speaks of human genocides, memory, sex, post-capitalism depression, exclusion, family, war, immigration, drugs and racial conflicts through the voices of both imaginary and real characters. Sonically it sees Tetine’s distinctive pop sensibilities freely flowing around an unusual collection of minimalistic electronic pop, discordant disco punk, dark sambas & spoken words pieces.
Recorded and produced by Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado between 2010 and 2012, In Loveland With You is one of Tetine’s most personal records to date. It features 14 tracks heavy on electronic and organic sounds with funky basslines, drum machines, glacial soundscapes and a very distinctive melodic and harmonic sense. It also brings a darker approach to Tetine’s music in terms of lyrics, vocal delivery, structure and atmospherics.
The album features collaborations with Brazilian psychedelic legend Arnaldo Baptista - formerly of legendary Tropicalia band Os Mutantes - guesting on the opening track ‘To Burn’, and it is heavily influenced by Brazilian marginal filmmaker Rogerio Sganzerla – to whom this record is entirely dedicated. 
At times evocative of the early experimental dance punk scene - via an unconditional love for the music of Kraftwerk, Brian Eno and Can - In Loveland With You sees Tetine creating beautiful electronic avant-pop with truly adventurous sensibility.
The record also features the LA duo Howrad Amb on Suction as well as new collaborations with Alex Antunes - former vocalist of Sao Paulo’s early 80s post punk outfit Akira S & As Garotas Que Erraram as featured on The Sexual Life Of The Savages album compiled by Tetine  - and with Berlin-based Brazilian poet Ricardo Domeneck on the spoken word piece ‘Mula’.
Don’t resist it. You’ll find music of great beauty.


Tetine are Brazilian born Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado based in Hackney - East London since 2000. The pair met in 1995 in Brazil while taking part in the local underground art punk scene of São Paulo. Since then they have created a multitude of sounds and art works from Baile Funk performances to electronic music albums; from experimental radio shows to ritualistic street actions, artist films, installations & independent curatorial projects.

A wild mix-up of Punk-Funk/NewWave/Post-Punk/Baile-Bass, Tetine’s music is frequently described as an unconventional mixture of raw punky energy and attitude with musical influences that range from artists such as Throbbing Gristle, Tuxedomoon to Kraftwerk and Can, but also incorporating heavily the more experimental side of Brazilian pop experimentalists such as Os Mutantes, Novos Baianos, Rogerio Sganzerla and the Rio Baile Funk scene.

Tetine have carved an unusual artistic path constantly exploring the boundaries between music, art, film and performance. The duo’s live events range from rock gigs to gallery installations; from opening ‘Tropicalia – A Revolution in Brazilian Culture’ exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London to numerous art performances for galleries, museums, art spaces, cinemas and festivals from Paris (Palais de Tokyo), to Chicago (The Wire’s Adventures in Modern Music Festival) and Sonar - including live performances at Museu Serralves in Porto, A Foundation, Hebbel Am Ufer in Berlin, Whitechapel Gallery, Frankfurter Kunstverein, National Museum of Contemporary Art of Norway, Sternessen Museum amongst many others.

Tetine have also been instrumental in bringing the Brazilian underground music scene to the attention of the UK for a number of years. They compiled, presented and mixed the first ever album of Baile Funk outside of Brazil - Slum Dunk Presents Funk Carioca Mixed by Tetine, released on Mr Bongo Records in 2004, as well as an essential primer to early-80s Post-Punk from Sao Paulo, the acclaimed compilation The Sexual Life of The Savages, released on Soul Jazz Records in 2006. Both these albums have influenced an entire new generation of DJs and beat-makers  around the world

Tetine have also run the Slum Dunk radio show on Resonance Fm 104.4 - pretty much since the station's inception in 2003 until 2009. On Slum Dunk they broadcast a multitude of obscure and unexpected music from Brazil and beyond – including live interviews with hundreds of special guests, live and improvised sets of other artists and experimental broadcasting.

For complete biography, selected performances, projects and discography please go:

"Tetine are Feminists, un-followers and inventors of their own scene; an uncut diamond. If Art is really dead, then Tetine belong to a "nameless" genre - the makers of something wild, something alive." Chicks On Speed
"What makes Tetine so good is that their off-beat, messy quality makes them natural, seemingly effortless, and therefore beautiful.” Vanessa Labi – URB
“As far back as 1995, the duo were gaining notoriety via their experimental fusion of performance, video and sound. Although that kind of creativity is still essential to their output, they are now very much a band; one that effortlessly fuses post-punk with the sort of sounds associated with Os Mutantes and the bass-fuelled anthems of the favelas”. Danny MacFadden – Metro
"Ingested with their history in mind, Tetine feels as playful as it is relaxed - soundtracking an artistic project that wears its authenticity, confidence and continuing need for experimentation proudly on its sleeve. Less ‘we do not give a fuck’, more ‘we do not need to give a fuck’ - a crucial difference in a music market riddled with attitude, desperately seeking substance.” Stuart Buchannan, FAT PLANET
“Tetine were my first introduction to the dirty brazillian sound of Funk Carioca (Rio Funk). Before the days of West Side Gang Bang, before all the Diplo lovin that was going on, these guys were breaking barriers on London radio.” Christopher Lehault, Free NYC
“Like peeling back the layers of an onion revealing a pungent core and a sense of a reducing one to very real tears Tetine make music that when fully explored reveals much more then one-liners over kooky beats.” PIX

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